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The Indian Education System works on forecasting the future of students solely on the basis of grades. As a result, many bright minds are left out of good institutes or jobs based on their performance in an exam common to all. Through years of research, we have found that not all students can have similar talents or mindsets and hence judging a candidate as a failure can be a contradiction. These aspirants are considered as failed graduates or TY-fail and are discarded by most of the institutes. This results in a severe drop in self-esteem which is responsible for their poor behavior or a rebellious attitude, leading to a criminal bend of mind.

Estimulo- NilSar MBA

We at Akademia believe in a contrarian school of thought, laying our trust in the fact that no student should be differentiated as failed graduates. It is essential for us to take the moral responsibility of safe guarding the self-esteem of such students. It is seen that self-esteem has been the base of negative changes in students over the years and it is highly important to boost it so as to build the right kind of attitude for a successful life.

While we talk about the students, a million dollar question arises as to how we can boost the self-esteem of these candidates. Akademia with its 8 years of research and its path-breaking innovations provides a solution to this agenda.

The solution is ESTIMULO – a program set to develop the self-esteem and generate employment for such candidates

Estimulo program – The 1st of its kind MBA for ‘Failed Graduate’

Under the Estimulo Program, the so-called failed graduate is admitted to a management training program just along the lines of a conventional MBA program offered by Akademia.

This ensures that the student doesn’t lose a year, putting him/her in the thick of things rubbing shoulders with MBA students, hence learning the nuances of business management.

During this year once the self-belief building process begins where the student is not differentiated from a ‘Passed Graduate’, as a result, we also expect the student to put in that extra effort to excel in his/her MBA training. The student makes his/her attempt to clear their graduation during the 1st year of the program.

The 2nd Year focuses on helping the student develop specialized skills in various functions of business like marketing-sales, finance, HRD, systems, and Operations. The Unique DOS MANOS TEORIA –IPR of Akademia for MBA students ensures these Estimulo students are placed on par with any other MBA student of Akademia.