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Dos Manos Teoria

Dos Manos Teoria (DMT) is most recent IPR developed by Akademia and is an attempt to train B-school students through this unique approach. DMT is an outcome of 20 years of research experience by the CEO of Akademia and his team. DMT captures the essence of MBA education in 2 palms of a human hand as depicted in adjoining 2 palms.DOS MANOS TEORIA

The Left hand –fingers capture the body parts of any business model namely Revenues Costs- Structure-Process and People. These body parts coordinate with each other to release business functions namely Marketing-Finance-Systems-HRD & Operations. The meeting of the 2 palms (through a fold) completes the body of any business model in the world. A strong training program to make aspirants understand every finger of the 2 hands and the various possible folds is necessarily what management programs of Akademia is all about.

DMT ensures – that every subject that a student studies- he /she makes an attempt to link the subject to at least one or fingers of either of the two hands and hence learns the application of the subject in the most relevant-effective way. The Objective of ASBS MBA (or even the 2 year conventional American Patterned MBA) is TWO fold. 1st To understand the nuances of business- then get trained on managing various aspects of business – understand the functions of business and eventually be trained on business as a whole.

The 2nd aspect is to ensure students are developed – to build capability set to perform in a highly competitive business environment. The program architecture of ASBS MBA revolves around the aforesaid two objectives and the DMT-IPR and is broken in to 8 modules of 45 days each. The unique feature of this program architecture is that the 8 modules are independent of each other and at the end of the 8 modules.