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The three-year Management program is a 4 step program that is attempted to create a CEO path for the 12+ 3 graduate, for those Engineers-Pharmacy graduates and those who cannot make it in Top 25 Indian B-schools.



STEP 1: Talent Bridge UGC-AICTE approved ASBS-MBA/ ASBS MBA program in the state of the art infrastructures in Mumbai –Pune with training-development and placement centric focus. In this Talent Bridge, ASBS-MBA student has an option to opt for certain Domains too to ensure 100% management grade employment just after their MBA in the 25-40 K CTC per month. In addition certain hard-working /high-performance students will have opportunities even in the 6-9 lacs per annum bracket because of the genesis and connect of Akademia.

Step 2: The ASBS-MBA needs and so does the top 25 Indian B-School pass out needs annual retooling. This annual retooling is an exercise of 24 hours every year- rather year after year for a minimum of one to maximum of 3 years on convenient weekends and predominantly targeted to additional support every ASBS- MBA to improve their performance in their designated jobs, Orient them about other opportunities, assist in profile building towards Advance Management Programs (Step 3) , build multi-lingual abilities, build social responsibility professionals , help students to move sectors and assist in remuneration –savings management aspects of a truly professional manager.

STEP 3: This is the biggest USP of Akademia. This is a high end consulting for select few ASBSMBA students who have religiously been a part of step 2 of Delegado and have ensured that they have built the right profiles to study in the Ivy League Management programs of the world. Akademia understands and proudly boasts of its assessment of the profiles of potential Ivy League admits more than anyone else in the world. The rich experience that Akademia professionals with more than 200 collective years of experience in the MBA space backed by that fact many a admits in the Ivy League Programs including Harvard, LBS were supported by Akademia professionals in either individual capacity or as professionals in their previous assignments. In this step of Delegado – all eligible ASBS-MBA students will be guided and provided complete consulting solutions to upgrade further. The current Akademia charges for this step 3 for Non-ASBS students is in the bracket of 50000 – 100000 INR. All fees applicable for the AMP will be paid for by the ASBS candidates themselves – however, Akademia will plan and support all candidates in the management of the financial requirements for the program.

STEP 4: This is the ultimate step in climbing the CEO path wherein every ASBS-MBA who is an AMP pass out will be given a relevant AMTA as a mentor under the strict monitoring of CEO Akademia. This step is more of coaching AMP –ASBS MBA pass outs that is applicable only at the highest level in the corporate world.