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ABM – Approved Business Manager

Focus is the key

The rapidly changing world prioritizes the ability to function efficiently that is governed by broad based knowledge and effective skills. ABM trains you in sectors that are not only function/domain centric but also fulfils the need of employable skills.

Serving as a bridge between industry expectations and course knowledge, ABM does not seek to replace any part of the MBA course, rather it places the perspective of extensive needs of the industry regarding nascent managers


Structure your Stability

A 60-hour course of in class training encasing role plays, case studies, presentations, project work, book reviews and psychometric assessments. ABM provides modules for functional or sectoral training based on the need of the Management Institutes.


Promise to Succeed

ABM provides an assurance to make MBA graduates placement ready and supplements the institutes efforts to achieve 100% placements in a competitive business environment.


Promise to The Premise

A two-fold exercise measures the progress of the ABM Program

  1. The evaluation of their learning helps us to assure the correct progression of the course.
  2. The feedback provided by the students about the course.